Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App

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Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App

Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App

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The popularity of Shakespeare is growing. But many feel there still remains a barrier to the plays, and that barrier is language. The Shakespearian language intimidates many actors and students. The intent of the Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App is to remove those fears, so Shakespeare’s plays are accessible to everyone.

Working on Shakespeare will help the modern actor with contemporary plays, film and TV scripts, and even commercial copy. Although Shakespeare’s plays were written over 400 years ago, the demands of Shakespeare are so intense that they help the modern actor. It’s similar to a dancer taking ballet classes in order to become a better modern dancer. Working on Shakespeare helps the modern actor to know where to breathe and many other technical aspects. For example, once you have worked on Lady Macbeth, commercial copy which can be tricky won’t seem so daunting.

Since Shakespeare uses Latin words and phrases in his plays, the Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App includes a Latin section. At the bottom of the home page inside the app there is a button with the heading ‘Latin’. That button takes you to the words and phrases in Latin in alphabetical order.

The Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App is a very useful tool for students, teachers, actors, and directors. We believe that a deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s verse, specifically the rhythm and variants of the iambic pentameter line, can aid actors in their physical and psychological portrayals of his characters. We hope to guide the user not only through the basic pronunciation of individual words but also how the words work in relation to each other.

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